Sunday, September 14, 2014

Just Another Life, On It's Journey

Life: A beautiful journey in which you discover and define yourself. I am one such traveler, and today starting this blog to write down whatever comes in my mind.

Many times it occurred to my mind that I should just start writing out my mind in a blog, but I always side-lined the idea thinking why blog? Why not just write a diary for myself? Why sit in front of a glowing screen and write out my heart? Well, the "glowing screen" won the argument with the reason: may be there might be another traveler out there who might like and get inspired to keep loving the journey. Yeah yeah, I know it is like a one in a Billion shot that someone might be inspired by something written by me, but why should I keep my life closed? I want to be an open book. I want to write my heart out to the world, no matter what. Only thing I won't do is cause any kind of harm to anybody out there.

Caution to self: Will be brutally honest about MYSELF.

Caution to reader: While writing, I won't think about how you will see me after reading my post. Creating a fake image isn't something I would like to waste my time on.
Also, I'm not a writer. I just write whatever comes to my mind, without much thought of giving it an artistic feel.

And as they say in games, "Let the Blog begin!"

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